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OUC Member Clubs: Please use this online form to notify us a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your Club-Sanctioned activities. Requests for certificates with additional named insureds require 5 business days advance notice.
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The event submitted is sanctioned by default unless the person(s) submitting the form receive(s) an email from OUC stating that he event will not be sanctioned.

By submitting this form, it is understood that the event submitted is covered under OUCís Liability Insurance policy, provided the authorized person and the club submitting this form follow the "Policy Required" requirements as stated in the document located at: http://www.underwatercouncil.com/downloads/insurance/OUC_Insurance_Summary_2014.pdf.

The full document is located at: http://www.underwatercouncil.com/downloads/insurance/OUC_2014_Liability_Insurance_Policy.pdf.

If submitting an entire list of activities, e.g. your Club's Dive Season for the year, please enter the start date of your dive season, the end date of your dive season, and type "see attachment" in the "Activity Location" window.

Also please don't forget to attach your "detailed" Dive Season in the "Attachment" window.

A detailed attachment should contain all of the details above for "each" activitiy individually.

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Other email addresses that notification acknowledgement is to be sent to:

Do the venue/s where you are planning your Club-sanctioned activities require you to provide certificate/s of liability insurance, listing the venue/s as "additional insured/s"?

If you answered "Yes" to the above question, please enter the name of the venue / entity requesting the Certificate of Insurance with Additional Named Insured(s). (max 250 characters):

If you require more than 250 characters, please put the text into an attachment and use the attachment field. State: 'SEE ATTACHMENT' in this field.

Please enter the PRECISE language (see example below) the venue / entity identified above needs to have shown on the Certificate of Insurance with Additional Named Insured (max 250 characters):

Example: "Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, represented herein by the Minister of the Department of Environment for the purposes of the Parks Canada Agency"

You can also use this to list all of your club professionals (instructors, divemasters, etc); list their name, level, agency, agency member#.
Copies of the certificate can be used by the professional to submit to their agency(ies) as proof of insurance.

If you require more than 250 characters, please put the text into an attachment and use the attachment field. State: 'SEE ATTACHMENT' in this field.

Note: OUC will e-mail the certificate of insurance with the additional named insured/s to all e-mail addresses identified above with 5 business days of submission.

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