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Scuba Incident Reports and Recommendations




The primary goal of this Ontario Underwater Council (OUC) report is to prevent future scuba diving incidents* by collecting, analyzing, and sharing information about past scuba diving incidents.

OUC can only publish relevant recommendations to prevent recurrence if we have sufficient hard facts relating to the direct causes of the incident.

This means that it could take some time between initial publication that an incident has occurred, and the subsequent publication of relevant recommendations to prevent recurrence.

Recommendations are not intended to be a comment or conclusion on the cause or causes of the specific incident.

With regards to Near Misses, the OUC reserves the right to select incidents for publication and does not restrict incidents to those occurring in Ontario.

* Disclaimer:

No claim is made by the OUC, the Director of Sport Safety or by any contributors, as to the completeness or accuracy of information contained within this report. Every effort has been taken to include only respected sources in the public domain, however it must be stated that none of these have been independently verified or investigated.

Certain personal risks are inherent in most sports, and the sport of scuba diving is no exception. By engaging in the sport of scuba, you accept these risks. No amount of training, experience, equipment, policies, etc. can completely eliminate all personal risks, and the OUC, its Board Members, Regional Coordinators, and Members are not responsible for any losses, injury, or death sustained as a result of members or non-members taking these risks.

Ontario Incident Reports 

New 2015 Report on scuba diving incidents of Ontarians outside Ontario,

and recommendations to prevent recurrence




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Reports of Incidents Outside of Ontario

These reports are presented at the discretion of the OUC. They generally relate to Ontario Divers diving outside of Ontario.
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Submit an Incident

The OUC welcomes it's members to use the Incident Submission Form to provide information on Fatalities or Near Misses.

You are able to fill out the form and e-mail it to the OUC.

You are also able to print or save the document. If you wish, you can add your own e-mail address to the distribution list.

The OUC will publish information and recommendations on Near Misses at their own discretion.

Submissions will be compiled and published at the OUC's discretion.

When leaving a report, please be aware that you may or may not be contacted depending on the availability of other sources of information.

"The OUC thanks you for your submission and for helping make scuba diving more safe and enjoyable"

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