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Past Events


Ice Floe Race | Fund Raising | Other Events
Over the years, OUC and it's member clubs have organized and run numerous events supporting not only the dive community, but also the general community.

This page gives a short summary of some of our events with links to pages related to some of those events.  

Ice Floe Races

Ice Floe Race

In 2013, OUC will be celebrating the 50th Ice Floe Race.

The Ice Floe Race was originally an event organized by the Trident Scuba Club of Peterborough. After the club became defunct, OUC took over the event and has kept in running for a number of years.

2012 - Results Page click here
2011 - Results Page click here

Member Fund Raising Events

OUC Member Clubs often organize events to raise funds for charities.

Some of the events recently held

2012 - 24hr Scuba Relay Challenge - SWODA - Raised $3101 for Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.
click here to go to the Scuba Relay Challenge website

2011 - Dive 4 A Cause - EUC - Raised over $6100 for Cystic Fibrosis Canada.
2010 - Dive 4 A Cause - EUC - Raised over $3000 for The Tobermory Hyperbaric Clinic & Chamber.
2009 - Dive 4 A Cause - EUC - Raised over $4400 for the Judy Dan Research and Treatment Centre.
2008 - Dive 4 A Cause - EUC - Raised over $7500 for Epilepsy Research.
2007 - Dive 4 A Cause - EUC - Raised over $2100 for International Vasa Previa Foundation.
click here to go to the DIVE 4 A Cause website




Other Events

Other events are organized to be of general interest to the Ontario Dive Community.

Some of the events recently held

OUE Scuba Swap
Ontario Underwater Explorers (OUE) has been around since 1965 and has been hosting swaps since 1992. New and used gear is offered in the area of more than 6000 sq.ft., making it the largest event of this kind in the province. It gathers divers, dive shops and enthusiasts from all over - a great opportunity to buy at great prices, to sell to motivated buyers - or just to meet old buddies and have a chat. click here to go to the website



Hart House Lecture Series
Every winter Hart House Underwater Club (HHUC) arranges a series of lectures.
A sample of the lectures held in the past include:
  • Diving In: Understanding Underwater Cameras and Photographic Techniques
  • The Digital Darkroom: Making the most of your underwater photos
click here to go to the webpage


2010 - A Don't Miss Event for Ontario Divers!
Organized by OUC this evening included the following topics:
  • "NOT just another ear lecture" by Dr. Frans Cronje.
  • "Diving the RMS Britannic" by Terry German.
  • "Drugs and Diving" by Dr. Debbie Pestell.
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