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To help you find dive resources in Ontario, we are providing you with 3 tools.
You can link directly to the tools from here or continue to read down.
  1. OUC's Google Maps powered Directory site.
  2. OUC's Google Earth powered Directory
  3. OUC's Ontario Scuba Community Directory

OUC Ontario Dive Directories are comprised of individual maps/overlays for:
  • Hazards and Warnings for Divers
  • Shipwreck Directory
  • Shore Dive Directory
  • Boat Launch Directory
  • OUC Dive Community - OUC Clubs, Retailers, Charters
  • and may include other directories in the future

OUC maps contain specific information, some of that data includes:
  • Name of the Ship / Site / Member
  • Ship and Site Information
  • Text description
  • Links to OUC member businesses and clubs, additional information, websites, and videos
  • GPS coordinates - OUC confirmed (where noted)

To see how these work for you, please follow the lnks below.

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Google Maps - Directory | Google Earth - Directory | Scuba Community Directory

Google Maps Ontario Dive Directories

OUC's Google Maps directories are simple to use. They are browser based and do not require any other software.

You can link to the Maps page by clicking here » Maps

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Google Earth Ontario Dive Directories

OUC's Google Earth directories are simple to use. They do require that you have installed the Google Earth application.

If you don't currently have the current version of Google Earth installed on your computer, you will need to download your free version found here Google Earth.

Once Google Earth has been successfully installed on your computer, you can download the Dive Ontario Directory to your computer by clicking here » Directory.
The file will open Directory, powered by Google Earth, and you will be able to "zoom down" to Ontario shipwrecks, as well as OUC Member Businesses and Scuba Clubs.

Installing Updates to the OUC Directory
If you have already installed a version (current version is 3.1) of the OUC Directory (or Shipwreck Directory / Shoredive Directory) you may need to uninstall it (or you will see 2 of everything)
If you have version 3.1, the overlays will automatically update every 6 hours or earlier if you request a refresh or modify the refresh interval. To uninstall a previous version follow these simple steps:
  1. Open Google Earth
  2. You will see a sidebar on the left with several selections (Search, Places, Layers) if not - press Ctl-Alt-B or select Sidebar from the Tools pull-down menu
  3. Look in the Places section of the sidebar for "Ontario Shipwrecks.kmz" (or Ontario Dive Directories)(usually under My Places or Temporary Places). This should be the highest level as there are several sub-folders
  4. Click on the link and press the Delete key
  5. Answer OK to the delete confirmation message
  6. Download the new directory from the link above

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Scuba Community Directories

OUC's Scuba Community Directory allows you to download a directory of all Clubs, Retailers, Charters, Agencies in Ontario.

You can link to the Scuba Community web page by clicking here » Scuba Community Directory

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Submit a new wreck
Update an existing wreck
OUC Scuba Community Directory

Stay tuned for more exciting online developments from the Ontario Underwater Council!

Do you have any additions/deletions/corrections?

Please send them to ouc.shipwrecks<"@">underwatercouncil.com*.

OUC Community Directory

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