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News and Events                          

OUC proposed liability insurance premiums for 2015

The OUC realizes that many of its member scuba clubs will be setting their budgets over the next few months for 2015. To that end, as discussed at the 2014 Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors would like some feedback on proposed liability insurance premiums that may be implemented for the 2015 calendar year. At this time the Board does not anticipate an increase OUC membership fees which are currently $20.00 and $37.00 for Blue and Gold members respectively.

OUC has been advised by Pearson Dunn, our insurance broker, that court settlements have been slowly increasing to the point where settlements are exceeding $3 million. Scuba diving differs from other sports in the sense that there is much less, if not negligible, contact. In the contact sports there can be injuries resulting in life time rehabilitation and as a result on going, high payouts. In scuba diving, the incidents tend to result in, unfortunately, death where there would be a one-time payout plus a payout IF fault is attached.

OUC’s policy is “occurrence based” whereas many others are “claims based”. The benefit of occurrence based policies is that as long as you are insured at the time of the incident, you will be covered when the lawsuits are brought forth EVEN IF YOU LEFT THE POLICY. In Ontario the statutory of limitations is 2 years from the date of the incident unless the victim is a minor. In this case the law suit can be brought forth 2 years from the age of majority (18). This could be 6-10 years if your club has 10- 14 year old members or individuals that you trained. For claims based policies you must be insured by the policy when the law suit is brought forth. This is important because as time marches on, so do the payouts. 

Please discuss these premiums with your club executives and members. A formal vote will take place in February 2015 but clubs will be notified in October or November, 2014 as a result of your feedback. Current and proposed premiums are:

Max Payout       Membership premium         OUC membership - Blue/Gold
1- $3 million          $10.00 (Current - no PST)            $20.00 / $37.00

2- $4 million          $16.20 (incl. PST)                        $20.00 / $37.00
3- $5 million          $ 19.44 (incl. PST)                       $20.00 / $37.00
4- $10 million        $ 34.56 (incl. PST)                       $20.00 / $37.00

Please email ouc.president@underwatercouncil.com on which Payout you would like to see implemented.
For more information on the details and benefits of the current policy, please visit: http://www.underwatercouncil.com/?action=cms&cmspage=membership-insurance&parent_cmspage1=membership&parent_cmspage2=membership-club



OUC, Trident Scuba Club and CHEX TV from Peterborough "Flashback" Series

CHEX TV and Graham Hart has featured the history of the Ice Floe Race. Graham, as part of CHEX TV's "Flashback" series, featured the 1991 Ice Floe Race and some historical information. The feature was aired on Thusday, March 13th around 6:30pm. It is an excellent 3 minute video as can be seen from the attachment below.


We look forward to resuming the race in 2015. Please stay tuned for a Fall Event. See you then. 


Twitter coming to OUC

In the coming days and weeks, OUC will introduce a Twitter program to members, clubs and commercial accounts. Our goal is help divers communicate with each other in order to increase the number of members participating in diving and non diving activities. In doing so, clubs and commercial members can maximize their profits on any given event.

Stay tuned 


Cell Phone Use

on or around the St Lawrence

Here's a helpful tip for Divers - - In the area near the US / Canada border, it is possible to place a call and be connected to a US cell provider. While annoying, this can be avoided by turning off your phone's "Roaming" option.

However when dialing 911 for emergency services, the roaming option is ignored and the strongest cell site is connected. This causes extreme confusion as the US 911 operator will likely not know where you are in Canada. Lives could be lost due to delays in reaching local EMS.

Make Note of these special cell numbers which can place you directly to your EMS service. (Not all cell providers may have these activated - check with yours first)

*OPP (*677) is direct to the OPP
*16 is direct to Canada Coast Guard

and just in case you need it while driving to the dive site . . .

*CAA (*222) for CAA Road Services

Please be sure to add these to your phone and to your Emergency Plans.

CAA Benefit

OUC Member Benefit

All OUC members and families may benefit from our CAA Corporate Membership Program.

There are updated benefits available to new members.

If you are not currently a CAA member but you are considering purchasing a CAA membership, you should review our Member Benefits Page (click here)

Combined Event Calendar

OUC Clubs can now share events

The new Club Combined Events Calendar has been implemented. To see how it works please click on the button to the right.

If your club would like to participate, please read the notes on the page.

OUC welcomes Member Clubs to supply a liaison to attend our monthly board meetings

If your club would like to have better insight into how we are working for you, we would be pleased to have your club appoint a person to act as a liaison and attend our monthly teleconference.

please e-mail ouc<"@">underwatercouncil.com and ouc.president<"@">un derwatercouncil.com for details

OUC News and Events

OUC logo

Member Events Banner

If you are an OUC Member Club and you have an event that you wish to post on this board, please email the OUC Director of Communications at ouc.communications<"@">underwatercouncil.com* with the details.
All requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the event.

Other Events

Shipwrecks 2014

NDA's Shipwrecks 2014

The Niagara Divers' Association will present its

20th Annual Shipwrecks Symposium

on Saturday, April 5, 2014 - 9am to 5pm at

Centennial High School,
240 Thorold Road,
Welland, Ontario.

Shipwrecks 2014 Website - click here

OUC would like to welcome to our newest Commercial Members:

R & M Enterprises
116 Huyck`s Bay Road
Wellington, ON
K0K 3L0
613 885 3688

R & M Enterprises is the group that is organizing the Marmora Outdoor and Dive Festival on June 20-22, 2014.


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